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99 Cent Sale on 10 of My Books! Wolves and Jaguars Rule! Upcoming Releases

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Merry Christmas!!!!!


Heart of the Wolf 10th anniversary cover
January 2018
Heart of the Wolf–Re-release 10th Anniversary
New Novella added: Night of the Wolf

Flight of the White Wolf
Flight of the White Wolf cover
May 1, 2018
Sexy, hot Arctic wolf, private investigator Gavin Summerfield, is on a mission: learn if an heiress’s husband is cheating on her, but he doesn’t expect to meet up with the woman who tased him some years earlier, who is now…an Arctic wolf like him. Her mission: Keep her secrets from the former cop who could be her undoing…but when the wolf instincts take over, watch out!
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All’s Fair in Love and Wolf
All's Fair in Love and War
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Billionaire Wolf Christmas
October 2918

Woohoo, Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas was:
Readers Selection
Fresh Pick!!
Thanks to Annetta Sweetko and Mandy Owen for such beautiful reviews!
“This Christmas theme paranormal will warm your heart.” Fresh Fiction Review
Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas
Terry Spear
Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko
Posted October 3, 2017
Romance Paranormal
I was excited when I read that author Terry Spear was starting a new paranormal series — White Wolf and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. DREAMING OF A WHITE WOLF CHRISTMAS is everything fans expect in her books and much more.
“An enchanting tale of kismet — werewolf style!”–Fresh Fiction Review
Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas
Terry Spear
Reviewed by Miranda Owen
Posted October 10, 2017
Romance Paranormal
DREAMING OF A WHITE WOLF CHRISTMAS is book one in Terry Spear’s “White Wolf” series. For me, this book is reminiscent of and has much of what I love about, Terry Spear’s “Silver Town” series. Little does Clara Hart know that when a cute Arctic wolf pup bites her, that it would lead to finding love. When Clara and Owen Nottingham lock eyes, while in their wolf forms it’s kismet. Two years after Clara’s bite and that anonymous, yet enchanted encounter with Owen, fate brings the two of them together again. Although this is the first book in a spin-off series, readers might want to check out LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF. LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF is about Owen’s pack members Faith and Cameron.
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Off to create the print cover for My Highlander, if I can. Baby is here and running over me and the puppies in her walker.
Have a lovely day!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Friday, December 15, 2017

Cold-Water Rescue Diving (or C'mon! It'll Be Fun!)

Cold water is scary. Really cold water with ice on top is extra scary.

Once you’ve fallen through the ice, and the water has you in its grip, it quickly robs you of your ability to fight. In a few short minutes, it makes you clumsy and slow and sleepy and disorientated, until you can’t even try to save yourself. It’s a predator that makes you calmly accept your death.

For as long as I could remember, one of my top fears—a break-out-in-a-cold-sweat-even-thinking-about-it fears—was getting trapped under the ice. The idea of pounding on an unbreakable frozen layer while not being able to breathe… That’s the stuff of nightmares.

So why, exactly, was I standing on a frozen reservoir, just feet from a hole cut in the ice, preparing to jump into thirty-two-and-a-half-degree water?

Sadly, I have a tendency to believe people when they say, “C’mon! This’ll be fun!” I’ve gotten suckered into countless chores (“Let’s all spring-clean the boarding stable. It’ll be fun! It won’t be an all-day hell of grime and drudgery.”), activities I should have avoided for my own safety (“Let’s leave the main, well-marked path and go on this narrow, rutted trail to nowhere. You won’t flip your ATV and escape injury only by flinging yourself off in an emergency dismount learned from riding horses. It’ll be fun!”), and hours of discomfort (“Want to volunteer to help with SWAT training? It’ll be fun! You’ll get stuck crouching in a dirty back bedroom surrounded by dead Asian beetles and rat traps because it’s the only spot in the house with enough cell reception to allow you to text with the negotiator.”) (Okay, oddly enough, that one really was fun).

I believe this is part of the reason I was at the reservoir with the dive team, shivering with nerves, dressed in a very unflattering dry suit (no, I do not have pictures. Did I mention the “very unflattering” part? All photographic evidence has been deleted and/or burned), about to face my lifelong fear. Someone had mentioned the phrase that is my kryptonite: “C’mon! It’ll be fun!”

“Everyone in the water!” the chief bellowed.

So I jumped.

Want to read a story about ice rescue divers?

HOLD YOUR BREATH (Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Book #1)

Free Now at Amazon and iBooks!

 Hold Your Breath

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Ponder, Plot & Plan…and a Highland Conquest GIVEAWAY!

It’s December already, and alas, my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) goals died with a pathetic whimper about mid-way through November—the best laid plans… 

Which was the problem, really, because in terms of my writing process, I’m what is called a plotter (as opposed to a pantster) and by the time I’d finished HIGHLAND BETRAYAL, book 3 in The Sons Of Gregor MacLeod series, I didn’t have time to plan book 4, HIGHLAND CAPTURE, before NaNo started.

My process looks something like this: first I mull on the story and let it percolate—I may look through Pinterest and find images for characters and settings that appeal to me or tap notes into my phone when they come to me in the middle of the night. Then I work on character profiles, interspersing those with writing down scenes in random order. And at some point I pull out my plot graph, which I use for every book. This graph comes from writing guru Michael Hauge, although his version is much more detailed:

I begin by inserting scenes where they fit on the graph. The most important scenes are on the bottom row and they are called Turning Points—specific scenes that turn the story in a new direction.

For example, in HIGHLAND CONQUEST (out February 6/18) the second turning point—called Change of Plans—is when my heroine, Amber, blackmails my hero, Lachlan, into becoming her clan’s new laird. This is after Lachlan invades her clan in an attempt to catch and kill the previous laird, who murdered Lachlan’s brother.

The third Turning Point—called the Point of No Return—is when Amber is attacked by the villain and almost killed. It happens at the midpoint of the book and increases the romantic stakes between the hero and heroine because of Amber's close call, as well as increases the danger stakes when the hunt for the villain intensifies.

In my current book, HIGHLAND CAPTURE, the Change of Plans is when my hero, Gavin, decides to kidnap my heroine, Deirdre, and take her back to his castle. (I love a good kidnapping story!!)

Often I start writing the story before I have my graph/outline complete, but I make sure I know the Turning Points. It’s like having a roadmap to your destination and each Turning Point in the story is a major turn on the drive—if you miss your exit, you’re going to meander aimlessly (and boringly) and never arrive at your Happily Ever After.

But no need to worry, HIGHLAND CONQUEST will get you to your romantic destination on time!


And if you want to find out how HIGHLAND CONQUEST ends, Goodreads is having a Giveaway!!!

Here are the pre-order links for HIGHLAND CONQUEST in case you’d rather go straight to buying the book:

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Take care everyone,

Alyson McLayne

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Little Christmas Cheer and a Cover Reveal!

Oh my goodness! I feel like I’ve been stuck on some amusement park ride all year. You know. The one that yanks you high in the air then drops you like a sack of potatoes and sometimes does a lot of wild loops. But I did it. I released five books and I’m pretty proud of that. 

But now, I'm feeling a bit old and worn out. So, Christmas is almost upon us with just a few more days left. I don’t do a lot of decorating. My tree is in the attic and that’s where it’ll stay. (I’m referencing the old and worn out part here.) 

For the last 30 years no matter what, I’ve always put my Christmas angel out. She’s getting a bit frazzled (like me) but still looks beautiful.

I also decorate my dining table. This year, it’s candles and poinsettia. I lit the candles the other night when I ate and took a picture. It brightened up my spirits and put a warm glow in my heart.

I thought my French doors leading to my patio needed some cheer too. No one will see it but me but I kinda like it. It looks nice. By the way, that wreath is old too.

I have a reissue in February! YAY! This book won the National Reader's Choice Award in 2003 in the historical category. I had just begun publishing and didn't fully appreciate my award. I do now.

This story is about a woman who's losing her eyesight and she's the sole support of her mother and two sisters. If she can longer hunt, they won't eat. And the bank is foreclosing on their farm. Then a handsome cowboy comes and tries to help but Glory's pride gets in the way and she sees his aid as meddling. I'll tell lots more about this story in the coming days. It's available for preorder now.

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Do you have a Christmas tradition at your house? Want to share? Or just talk about anything. That’ll work.

Wishing you all health, happiness, and prosperity.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad!
Happy Hanukah!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Once upon a time, there was a small town in Washington State that was founded by three men after World War II.  Friendship, betrayal, love and loss formed what is currently known as Eagle's Ridge.

Fast forward to present day...

Fall in love with seven sexy and irresistible soldiers who find their courage and heart tested like never before in the battle for love! This multi-author collaborative series of contemporary romance novels is brought to you by bestselling authors Barbara Freethy, Roxanne St. Claire, Christie Ridgway, Lynn Raye Harris, Julia London, Cristin Harber and yours truly. You won't want to miss a single one!
Especially not the one that came out today!!  FORD is book seven and the series and is my contribution to the Seven Brides for Seven Soldiers series and I am totally smitten with him!  Actually, I'm kind of a little bit smitten with all of them, but Ford is my favorite for obvious reasons.  Lol!
 So Ford is reluctant to go home to Eagle's Ridge after his ten-year stint in the Navy as part of their construction battalion.  He's okay with a quick visit, but to come home to stay?  Not so much.  So when his beloved grandmother has a tree fall on her home in the midst of a storm and gets hurt in the process, how can he stay away?  Now he's back to oversee the repairs on the family ranch and is reconnecting with his friends and finds himself accidentally crawling into bed with Callie James.

Say what???

Here's an excerpt from FORD:

Looking around, he remembered how his grandmother had a thing for hiding spare keys in flowerpots and, sure enough, after feeling around in the three next to the front door, he found one. Within minutes, he was inside and closing the door behind him. The space was warmer than he imagined it would be, but it was also pitch black.
Cursing the lack of electricity, he carefully made his way across the room toward the small bedroom in the back. The space was tiny by any standards, but the main floor housed a one-room living room-kitchen combo, a bathroom and a bedroom. There was a small loft space upstairs that was also used for sleeping, but he had a feeling it had been primarily used for storage in recent years. The bedroom seemed like the safest place to go.
Inside, he silently prayed there were blankets on the bed and, reaching out blindly, he was able to confirm that there were.
“I’ve slept in worse conditions,” he quietly reminded himself as he kicked off his shoes and shrugged out of his jacket. With little concern, he dropped the garment on the floor and quickly did the same with his socks, shirt and jeans. In nothing more than his briefs, he slid beneath the blankets and sighed at how good it felt to be lying down.
His eyes were heavy, and he cleared his mind of the craziness of the day, the damage he’d just witnessed on the main house, and all of the work that lay ahead of him and forced himself to simply not think. Sleep wasn’t going to be a problem once his brain quieted down, and as he settled a little farther down under the blankets, he yawned and closed his eyes and felt himself smile as sleep began to claim him.
Tomorrow was another day, and no doubt, he was going to need his rest.
He could have been asleep for minutes or hours—but it was the scream that woke him up and had him jumping from the bed in near terror.
“Oh my God! Who are you? What are you doing here?”
The voice was female, but it was too dark and he had no idea who was speaking. His brain was foggy and it took a full minute for Ford to get his bearings.
On the other side of the room, he heard footsteps and things moving around, and the next thing he knew, something was poking him—hard—in the shoulder. “Hey! What the…?”
“I have a gun and I’m not afraid to use it!” the female voice said, but Ford heard the slight tremor there, and he was no idiot—it wasn’t a gun poking him. It was a bat.
“Look, um…I’m Ford Garrison,” he said, his own voice firm and commanding as he reached out and grabbed the bat from her hands. She shrieked at his actions but he wasn’t going to be deterred. “This is my grandmother’s home and property and you’re trespassing. Now why don’t you just get your things and get going and we’ll forget all about this.”
That sounded logical, right?
“Ford?” she said weakly. “But…no. You’re lying. Ford wouldn’t be here right now.”
Seriously? “And how would you know that?” he demanded, growing tired of this conversation after less than a minute.
“Be…because Ford never comes home and Margaret is always talking about it. So…whoever you are, you need to leave because I’m calling the police,” she said, her voice a little steadier now.
And that’s when an idea hit him – his phone was in the pocket of his jeans. Slowly, silently, he crouched down and fished it out and turned it on, illuminating the room a little. When the light hit his would-be assailant, he stiffened.
Long, tousled honey-blonde hair, big blue eyes…damn. He tilted the phone and took in her flannel pajama pants and ribbed tank top and…double damn. When his gaze hit her face again, Ford noticed the flash of annoyance there. That’s when he opted to put the focus on himself so she could see he was who he claimed to be. Her soft gasp told him she recognized him.
If only he could say the same of her…
“Okay,” he said calmly. “I don’t know who you are or why you’re here, but…as you can see, I am Margaret’s grandson. I know it’s late but…you’ve got to go.”
She crossed her arms over her chest—which was a shame—and continued to glare at him. “I’m not going anywhere,” she said defiantly. “I’m renting this house from Margaret, so if anyone’s going to leave, it’s you.”
“You rent this place? Since when?” As he spoke, the light of the phone seemed to get her right in the eyes, because she instantly shielded them. And as much as he wanted answers, Ford was fairly certain he could get them without blinding her.
“For the last three months,” she said as she sat down on the corner of the bed. “No one mentioned you were coming to visit.”
“I hopped on a plane as soon as I heard about Grams’ accident,” he explained, wondering how they were being so calm when everything was so confusing. “And no one mentioned you were renting this place.” He paused. “Who are you?”
With a smile that was tinged with disappointment, she said, “Callie James.” When he didn’t react, she went on, “My mother used to come and clean for Margaret and Ben once a week when I was younger.” He still didn’t say anything, and her disappointment turned to annoyance. “You were about four years ahead of me but we went to school together…”
Blaming his befuddled mind on exhaustion, Ford did his best to rack his brain for what she was saying to him and then…
“Wait, you’re Ruthie’s daughter?”
She nodded. “Yup. That’s me,” she said, forcing a smile. “I spent a lot of time here when I was younger, and when I got the job teaching kindergarten at the elementary school, your grandmother offered me the guesthouse to live in.” She shrugged. “Saves time on the commute and all.”
Ford nodded. “I’ll be honest, I had no idea anyone was living out here. Grams didn’t mention it, and I just assumed I’d stay here while some of the work was being done on the house.”
“Looks like you need to have a Plan B.”


I'm a big fan of the trope where we have a reluctant hero returning to his home town and finding not only love, but himself, and that is totally Ford's story.  As I mentioned, there are seven books in the series and you really don't want to miss them.  You can check them all out here:  



And you can enter to win an iPad mini plus a signed paperback copy of MADE FOR US (Shaughnessy Brothers book one) here: